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pvi collective believe in the potential for art to create systemic change. we critically investigate contentious issues, play hard and creatively intervene.

25 years of making art that matters

founded in 1998 and based in Whadjuk Noongar country, pvi collective is a tactical media art group who create agitational participatory artworks intent on the creative disruption of everyday life. we use gameplay alongside emerging, familiar and diy technology to explore the social dynamics of the cities we live in.

we create playfully subversive performances and interventions that invite genuine engagement, transforming our perceptions of space, cities and environment. we aim to make our audiences into activists.

our ultimate goal is to save the world through creative play and revolutionary fun. we believe art is a tool for generating systemic change. we examine and challenge the way that power and privilege impact on modern society.

our team have backgrounds in intervention, visual art, activism, performance, live art, video, sound art, movement, performance and programming. each contribute their diverse skills towards creating artworks for galleries, public sites and alternative spaces.

since incorporating in 2008, we are supported by a passionately dedicated board with a wide range of experience from arts law, trans-media, architectural urban planning and arts management.

read about pvi collective core values here

pvi are dressed in cv dazzle, a style of make up that disguises wearers from facial-recognition software.

pvi creative comrades

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