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finn o’branagáin

finn o’branagáin

drinks espresso over ice / whiskey neat

finn previously wrangled pvi collective’s artistic and administrative programs, as well as the external activities like the artists-in-residence program, workshops, marketing, graphic design, administration, KISS club – the ideas-in-development showcase for local artists, and sometimes performs and makes props for pvi too.

finn’s background is in creating experiences for people through festivals, events, and immersive performances.

a former co-artistic director of the crack x festival, she champions emerging and experimental performing artists and artworks that challenge boundaries in form and content.

she’s worked as state event coordinator for secular education charity the smith family, project coordinator for city of darwin events such as homeless connect, the big gig festival, and youth week and sister city events. before events, she coordinated sponsorship and administration for music nt, and coordinated workshops, programs and designed for corrugated iron youth arts.

in her own practice, finn is a writer, director and dramaturg for live arts. A 2012 graduate from NIDA’s Graduate Diploma of Dramatic Arts (Playwriting), Finn’s work has been presented nationally; at The perth festival and black swan theatre company, the Women in Theatre and Screen’s Festival Fatale, The World Theatre Festival, on tours around regional australia, in ATYP, Metro Arts, JUTE theatre and Mudlark Theatre Company, the National Young Writers’ Festival, Wordstorm, 2High, and the Nightwords festival at the Sydney Opera House.

  • organises artists. makes events. dreams up schemes.
  • always wears boots [even in summer].
  • is the calm one.
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