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talks and workshops

we are available to run workshops or master classes, give talks or presentations, speak on panels, or facilitate forums.

we've given talks for tedx, festivals, conferences and universities.

talks we can give:



  • talk: participation is not a dirty word – “when it comes to the arts and performance in particular, it seems to be this dreaded term for audiences –I can almost feel the ripples of discomfort from here but it also one of driving forces behind our work and so today, I would like to share with you why it is so important for us, how much potential it has as a tool for social activation and why participation matters…” kelli mccluskey, tedx perth, november 2017.
    watch this talk online!


  • talk: truth or dare – a playful interview game of truth or dare for artists to tease out their working methodologies. truth cards contain questions about artistic practise to answer truthfully off the cuff. dare cards are a mix of practical experiments to carry out immediately that explore experimental practice, participation and the use of technology.first performed and devised by kelli mccluskey [pvi] and willoh s. welland [aphids] at the experimental arts gathering, sydney, nsw, may 2017.


  • talk: keynote karaoke – pvi run through a playlist of 14 statements that have had impact on our practise and belief systems over the past 20 years. as a participatory talk, audience are invited to briefly stand up if they agree with any of the statements to see if there is an opportunity for collective consensus in the room. statements lead to a mix of collective actions, guest karaoke speakers, video clips and a chance to unpack what they mean to us.first performed by kelli mccluskey and steve bull at the national experimental arts forum, perth, wa, october 2015.

workshops we can run:

  • workshop: the bartergames – part game, part social experiment, this workshop is an introduction to live art practise and working on the city streets collaboratively. the day long workshop culminates with the bartergames, a secret facebook networked event, with workshop teams posted a number of interactive challenges to complete on the city streets and provide photographic or video proof of completion. the workshop is both challenging and fun, geared towards art makers interested in live art practise, activism, street art, pervasive games and developing intervention skills.duration: 1 day | capacity: 12 – 15 people | requirements: meeting room or studio, paper and pens


  • workshop: mapping the terrain – a playful world building workshop looking at how we can reclaim public space for our own means and what belongs there.duration: 2 hours | capacity: 12 people | requirements: large roll of paper, marker pens and city map guide.


we can also provide:

  • mentorship, provocateuring, and consultations.
  • bespoke artworks for you – we can adapt works like resist and disobedience rules to suit your specific festival or event and make it site and community specific.

we’d be happy to chat with you about what you need, and find a solution that fits your budget.

contact us to start a conversation. 

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