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we couldn't do it without you

pvi is proudly supported by many amazing organisations and people. thank you.

pvi collective ltd is supported by the western australian government through the department of local government, sport and cultural industries and the australian government, through creative australia, its arts funding and advisory body.



we aim to create artworks that are socially engaged, often provocative and usually critique the status quo.  sometimes it’s best if these endeavours are privately financed.

in addition to our tendency to poke the bear, many pvi artworks are free to participate in or activist like interventions – tricky to add a box office line, but essential to the creative disruption of everyday life.

part of pvi’s remit is to support the arts sector.  this mainfests in various activities including:  mentorship for artists, free workshops and collaborating with artists, designers, programmers on new works on a project basis as we tour our work around australia and internationally.


support us:

to support us in our ultimate goal to save the world through revolutionary gameplay,  please consider making a tax-deductible donation, either one-off, or monthly, using the donation button on this page.

we are a registered charity – your donations over $2 are tax deductible so you can give us your cake and we can all eat it.

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