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core company values

bravery, collaboration, kindness, integrity, humour and imagineering

bravery – we value the courage needed to continue to confront some of the greatest challenges the world faces today.

collaboration – we value our ability to play well with others and we know we can achieve bigger things when we do.

kindness – we value a generosity in terms of our time, knowledge and resources. we want to pay it forwards.

integrity – we value a rigorous process of applied research and acknowledge the time it takes to go deeper.

humour – we value the use of social satire to sharpen our sensitivity to the imbalance of power within society.

imagineering – we value a space for new ideas to emerge through alternative thinking.


our ethical compass

we believe in the power of art as a key tool for generating systemic change and we are committed to examining the way that power and privilege impacts on us as a modern society through our art making. as a result, we acknowledge the increasing pressure for arts organisations in australia to source alternative income streams in order to financially sustain themselves. we will seek to align ourselves positively with partners, patrons and potential sponsors who share our principles in giving a shit about the future of our planet.

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