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introducing the pvi extra ordinary stock market where everyone can invest in five exclusive share portfolios that relate to the work we do.

play portfolio

this portfolio weaponises humour and gameplay by inviting participation in an effort to reclaim the power back to the people. not in a forceful way, but by playing with what frightens us the most.

single share price:aud $25
quantity available:140
future growth potential:moderate
hope portfolio

this portfolio enables you to invest in hope as a radical approach to practice. it is the kind of hope that is not blind or naïve, but fully self aware that we are living in perilous times and choosing militant optimism in the face of crisis.

single share price:aud $50
quantity available:20
future growth potential:moderately high
disruption portfolio

this portfolio provides a tits-to-the-wind sense of confidence in disrupting social norms and challenging systemic power. it is an attempt to prefigure the future by demonstrating that new realities are possible, albeit not always law abiding.

single share price:aud $100
quantity available:10
future growth potential:high
failure portfolio

this portfolio carries a high degree of risk. acknowledging that failure is the best [and sometimes only] way to learn. experiments can land badly, veer wildly off course and blow up in our faces. embracing failure means jumping into the unknown with eyes wide open and hearts pounding.

single share price:aud $250
quantity available:6
future growth potential:very high

this portfolio is pvi’s ultimate goal and it's a big one. our contribution to achieving systemic change is to create acts of resistance that imagine new possibilities. to search for new solutions for an unstable future and embody change in the here and now.

single share price:aud $1000
quantity available:3
future growth potential:extremely high
each time you invest in one of these portfolios, you will be contributing to the making of artworks that are actively seeking out solutions for living in an unstable 21st century.

forget the all ordinaries, invest in the extra ordinary.

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how it works?

pvi will manage your investment wisely, by making performances and interventions that invite genuine engagement, confront serious issues and play hard at radically reshaping the world we all want to see. we’ll also thank you by listing you as a donor in our annual report.

when we ‘go public’ with our artworks, you will be the first to know.


how do i track my investment?

we are so glad you asked! 

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the use of terms ‘stock exchange’ and ‘shares’ are purely conceptual.
your ‘cash asset’ is a  gift and will immediately transfer to the pvi collective fund abn 28 128 698 831 in the form of a tax deductible donation (for amounts over $2) . 

you will receive no monetary ‘exchange’ back from your donation, you will receive a sense of good will and warm fuzzies, safe in the knowledge that you have invested in the sustainability of cultural life, which is priceless. 

any advice and information on this page is general only, and has been prepared without taking into account your particular circumstances and needs. before acting on any advice on this page you should assess or seek advice on whether it is appropriate for your needs, financial situation and investment objectives.

invest today and you will receive a limited edition share certificate, that you can brag about, gift to others or even print out, on a printer!

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