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jason sweeney

jason sweeney

drinks coffee before thought activation

  • manipulates waveforms, speaks quietly, slows it down
  • wears not a speck of colour
  • engagingly absent 
jason sweeney is a composer, sound maker, musician and live performer.

his interdisciplinary practice in the last 12 years has been in the emerging, risk-taking and constantly developing fields of digital art and technology, music, sound installation, performance art, interactive community art projects, online art, experimental film and screen culture.

Since 2003 he has collaborated with some of Australia’s leading performing arts companies and organisations as well as directing and creating a number of his own interactive works for the internet and participatory community engagement projects for galleries and theatre spaces.

As a composer of electronic music, he has also been releasing music internationally with two bands, Panoptique Electrical and Pretty Boy Crossover, via the record label Sensory Projects. Music from the releases has since been used in short and feature films, as well numerous theatre and dance productions around the world.

with pvi he has worked on:

tts australia, tts recruit, tts critical reader, reform, inform, transumer, deviate from the norm, deviatorblackmarket and  transformer.

his other current music projects include winter witches and panoptique electrical.
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