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lisa schreiber

lisa schreiber

enjoys a martini like her humour - dry and delicately stirred.

Lisa has worked for leading arts organisations in varied roles in business management and development across a range of art forms, including music, theatre, visual arts and festivals.

Having dedicated six years working in arts and cultural development in local government and supervising a small team her passion for Perth arts, insatiable curiosity and inclination towards a little mischief naturally lead to her working for pvi [2017-2024].

In her spare time (!) Lisa runs an export business and nurtures her garden and family.

  • Manages pvi’s business operations.
  • does general business compliance and operations: reporting, financial management, hr and contracts. Keeps the machines running and the hounds at bay.
  • Likes to keep busy.
  • Often seen sporting a pony tail and glasses
  • is the One to listen first and speak second.
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