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Daisy Sanders

Daisy Sanders

goes hard on soda water lime / 3 cups a day of herbal tea only

boorloo based multidisciplinary artist daisy sanders is pvi’s new company artist!

daisy works across genres and cities as an arts advocate, researcher, teacher and as a writer, deviser and performer. her artistic approach is characterised by warm generosity, fierce intelligence, nuanced critical dialogue and intentional community building. in 2023 she was busy with the caroline plummer international fellowship in otago and in 2024 daisy plans to return to grassroots experimental, poetic and political practices, with a particular focus on collaborating with wa artist colleagues.

the addition of daisy to the pvi team in 2024 has been made possible via the artspay foundations inaugural grants round.

  • young pup company artist ready to join in and dive deep on whatever’s happening
  • enthusiastic talker, feeler, writer and thinker
  • says great script ideas out loud then immediately forgets what she said
  • rests every lunch break, non-negotiable
  • energy can go from 0-100 and back in a heartbeat
  • still thinks all democratic decisions should be determined via flashmob (tiny revolutions 2019)
  • delighted that a real job, in a real company, gives a real reason to get an ebike for the commute!
  • will never stop marvelling and/or raging expressively at climate research stats
  • will infuse any project with extra heart and embodiment
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