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steve bull

steve bull


drinks earl grey tea with a bit of soy | 19 crimes shiraz [when it's on special]

steve is an experimental artist, deviser, curator, writer, co-founder and co-director with pvi collective. his experience spans visual arts, live art, intervention, new media and performance. over the past 20 years, he has toured and presented work internationally with the company including residencies in taiwan, singapore, new zealand, indonesia, chile, india and south africa. as a tactical media think-tank, pvi provides a platform for steve to release his inner rebel, take artistic risks, collaborate and pay it forward by supporting peers.

as an educator and provocateur, he has mentored, taught and lectured across australia and the uk including through national initiatives such as spark, jump and situate. steve has presented pvi keynote lectures ‘public space as performance space’ at the nextwave festival [2008] and ‘karaoke keynote’ at the national experimental arts forum [2015].

he has curated symposia and live events at prema arts centre (uk), perth institute of contemporary arts [wa], the bakery [wa] and cia studios [wa]. steve was co-founder and ‘head boy’ at cia studios, where pvi were principle company in residence [2008-2017].

  • co-devises pvi artworks
  • is going grey
  • knows how to get his geek on
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