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we’re looking for performers who deviate from the norm

16 November 2018

get ready for some serious play

we’re gearing up to get on the road with deviator  in 2019, turning the streets around Bunbury regional entertainment centremandurah performing arts centre and albany entertainment centre into playgrounds.

deviator is a large-scale game that charges players with the mission of seeking out hidden audio instructions which encourage them to temporarily transform their town into a playground.

from the tiniest of private deviations to the boldest of public actions, deviator blends radically altered versions of children’s games with subtle live performance, placing audiences as interventionists out on the streets, ready to creatively disrupt the city, one game at a time.

deviator proposes that adults revisit their streets with play in mind. audiences are given a 45 minute time limit, games are scored according to difficulty and a team of sly mischief makers are positioned out on the streets ready to play hard with them.

download the information here about each of the callouts:


click here to submit your expressions of interest for bunbury, mandurah or albany.

and click here to find out more about our touring artist opportunity.


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