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sensory artist cat jones announced as pvi collective and blast theory’s 2019 international residency program.

4 December 2018

Blast Theory and pvi collective in partnership with the Australia Council are delighted to announce Cat Jones as the 2019 recipient of our international residency program. 

cat jones will undertake a six-week residency with blast theory in their studio in Brighton, UK. She’ll receive mentorship and feedback on her new project – ‘medicament for your predicament’ from her research on medicine and feminist futures (supported by Create NSW). the project draws on her extensive sensory and botanic practices and uses kitchen, garden, lab and social research methodologies to create personal and political pharmacopeias for ailments such as disillusionment, misogyny, misandry, authority – salves, tonics, gargles, emulsions and powders for our soluble and insoluble bodies.

cat was selected out of twenty-three applicants from all around Australia.

she says, “this residency will be the first creative development coming from my research and will give me focused time to develop new work, in proximity to mentors, research institutions, the influence of a company of international renown, and in the context of the UK’s and the Brighton community’s dialogue around diversity and inclusion. I’m so happy to be drawn into the folds of these two companies, to be immersed in the ingenuity of their multi-platform play, expertise in audience relationships, scale and rigour. It’s a rare opportunity for an independent artist and such creative generosity from Blast Theory and pvi collective.”

This initiative was instigated by Sophie Travers and has been supported by the Australia Council for the Arts for the last 3 years. The residency exchange program offers an Australian artist the opportunity to undertake a residency with Blast Theory in their studio in Brighton, UK. The companies aim to support artists working in similar fields and to strengthen the sector as a whole through mentorship and critical feedback.

see more of cat’s work on Instagram or twitter or online.


Medicament for your Predicament by Cat Jones. Image courtesy of the artist © 2018.

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