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kiss club 2021 call-out

15 March 2021

the ever popular kiss club returns in 2021 with a new lab format.

“i love kiss club. the freedom that it gives artists to try new, difficult and unlikely things is unlike any other short form performance night.” – audience member.

key details

presented by pica & pvi collective
artist lab: 3rd – 5th may, 2021
public feedback event:  thursday 10th & friday 11th june, 7.30pm
location: pica performance space
applications open: monday 15th march, 2021
applications close: monday 5rth april, 11:59pm
notifications: mid april april, 2021

background & 2021 edition

kiss club is a performance event for ideas in development, featuring emerging and established artists across live and experimental arts practice. created by sydney based artist karen therese, kiss club has been presented by tactical media group pvi collective since 2010, evolving into a partnership with pica in 2017.

in 2021 kiss club continues as a collaboration between pica and pvi collective. selected artists will present 10 minutes of an idea in progress to an audience, providing a chance to trial new ideas and receive feedback in a generous and supportive environment.

in previous iterations, artists have worked with a selected pvi artist as a provocateur in the lead up to the performance showing.  in response to participant feedback, pica and pvi are trialling a new format in 2021, offering a 3 day lab opportunity to both interrogate the idea in progress and develop the best means of testing this with an audience.  this lab is envisioned as professional development, and an opportunity for kiss club artists to support and engage with one another as a group.

pica and pvi collective are excited to offer this opportunity now and work with selected artists to develop new ideas.

kiss club celebrates work in progress, giving audiences a fresh insight into what is bubbling in the hearts and minds of perth’s experimental performance makers, and the opportunity to help shape and support new work. a hit with audiences, this fast and furious performance night has sold out over the past 4 years.

applications are now open.

“a truly invigorating and supportive experience, which i would recommend to any artist with an idea bubbling away in their heads.” – kiss club artist

who should apply:

wa emerging and established practitioners, groups or collectives from any live art form who are keen to test out a component of an idea or embryonic work in progress in front of a live audience. pica encourages artists to think about ideas and projects that have relevance to its program with currency towards concept and art form development.

please note:

artists are not eligible for kiss club if they have participated in the previous 2 iterations.
artists should submit only 1 application – give us your best idea!

what is the kiss club lab?

a 3 day works in development programme for artists devised by pvi collective to connect, support and develop artists in the rigorous interrogation of new work in progress.

artists will partake and collaborate in a series of activities unpacking the idea presented as part of their application.  individual sessions with an assigned provocateur will also be scheduled.

we aim that this lab enables participants to identify one aspect of their idea in progress to develop, as opposed to feeling they must create an entire new work.  in addition to the above, we will likely drink a lot of tea and laugh quite a bit!

how does the public feedback event work?

presented in pica’s performance space, each artist presents up to 10 minute’s work during the event, one after the other. time for audience feedback is allocated at the end of the evening, in small groups.

the offer

artists will receive:
  • a participation fee of $1,500 (per work/collective).
  • free access to pica’s performance space for rehearsal after the lab and in the lead up to the event.
  • inclusion in the kiss club lab.
  • provocateur support from pvi collective during the tech run.
  • a creative feedback session with pica’s team prior to the event
  • a technical rehearsal prior to the event
  • technical support on the day of the event and a venue technician to operate during the event.
  • for the event, access to pica’s house lighting, a/v and sound systems.
  • a copy of photo documentation taken at the event.
artists provide:
  • anything else to test the work
covid-19 advice

the kiss club lab and event are subject to evolving local government regulations in response to covid-19.  every effort will be made to adhere to the above schedule, and any suggested changes will be discussed with each artist.

kiss club is the brainchild of sydney performance maker karen therese in response to the need for artists to test out their emerging ideas to audiences in a supportive and critical environment.

please read the kiss club faq info for further details here.

email for further information.

head here to apply

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