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annual artwash award, disobedience rules & tiny revolutions

25 November 2020

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in 2019, the artwash awards was established as part of the tiny revolutions project, and was delivered to renowned arts sponsor and biggest emissions polluter in wa, chevron.

the artwash award recognises the mining industries’ outstanding contribution to arts sponsorship as part of a highly effective p.r. strategy of laundering their own social responsibility, whilst at the same time, dodging tax and emitting around 64 million tonnes of greenhouse gases into the air each year. quite an achievement!
which resource giant is most deserving?

the illustrious nominees for 2020 are – rio tinto, woodside & chevron
read more about the nominees

votes are now closed.
pvi will personally hand deliver the artwash trophy direct to the lucky winner in mid december 2020
this year’s trophy designer is tarryn gill

see more on the annual artwash awards here 


disobedience rules – the beer o’clock edition x bleach festival

let’s play! disobedience rules is a live action board game, testing and rewarding contestant’s activist tendencies. quick response rounds draw out dissenting dance moves and public interventions, sparked by scenario-based questions with a social agenda.

presented as part of this year’s bleach festival ( , courtney cavallaro played host to our witty and often irreverent contestants – joel bray, zoë coombs marr, jamie lewis & graeme watson.

this is an online virtual event – you can watch all the highs and the (mischievous) lows of disobedience rules online now here 


tiny revolutions x liveworks 2020

an epic think and do tank of tiny proportions

from climate crisis to rapid tech advancement, minority rights to the patriarchy, tiny revolutions aims to take the overwhelming scale and anxieties of these issues and transform them into bite-sized actions that pack a societal punch.

members of the public were asked to submit an epic expression of concern, via the tiny revolutions website, connect it to one of 15 global challenges and then select an intervention tactic for pvi to deploy during liveworks.

on the receiving end of the submissions were the tiny revolutions taskforce, made up of invited artists, industry experts, activists and members of the public. each submission is set a time limit for the taskforce to dig deep during the THINK stage, to debate and devise a bespoke tiny revolution to be carried out in the public domain during the DO phase.

the pvi tiny revolutions sydney team were – keg de souza, nathan harrison & latai taumoepeau

some of our favourite actions are below
you can see all the tiny revolutions submissions and their interventions here

a robocall for alex
challenge category: organised crime
selected tactic: tiny hoax

in response to alex’s concerns surrounding the corruption and corrosion of democracy. the rebels devised a fake robocall

children of the compost for casey
challenge category: democracy
selected tactic: tiny singing

in response to casey’s concerns around the global erosion of democracy and the loss of community that results, the rebels devised a tiny song

reclaiming barangaroo for belinda
challenge category: wealth inequality
selected tactic: tiny forgery

the rebels tabled belinda’s concerns about wealth inequality in australia stemming from stolen, unceded lands and created a real estate video advert at contested building site, barangaroo

golf ball seed bombs for reclaim course
challenge category: everything else
selected tactic: tiny occupation

the rebels discussed ways in which private golf courses could be reclaimed by members of the public and nature. the action that resulted involved infiltrating a private golf course in sydney and sowing tomato seeds by stealth

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