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art wash award nominees

woodside / chevron / rio tinto

the illustrious artwash award semi-finalists are:

    rio tinto

rap sheet: 

one of the largest mining companies in the world with operations on six continents, rio tinto has an impressive track record of 102 violations on record relating to environment, labour relations and safety.

recent lowlights include the wilful destruction of 46,000 year old juukan gorge cave site in may this year after being fully aware of its cultural heritage and significance.

rio tinto have been proud recipients of: 2017 state arts and culture partnership honours winners –  acknowledging the outstanding contributions of businesses who partner with arts and cultural organisations across wa – nominated by the art gallery of western australia.


    woodside energy

rap sheet:

  • company earnings (net profit): 1,063 million 
  • pollution emissions = 10 million ton
  • tax paid = $447 million in australia (2019but $0 in 2016-17
  • political donations = 237,300 during 2018 election – biggest singular political donation in aus that year.

during covid the company took some blows due to falling oil and gas prices, with a half yearly net profit drop of 28%.  despite these challenges, woodside achieved its highest ever first-half production, meaning it dug up, polluted and tapped more than ever, they just got paid less for it. 

woodside’s burrup hub project would be australia’s most polluting fossil fuel project ever to be developed, with a total lifetime carbon footprint of over 6 billion tonnes of CO2 (6.218 gigatons).

woodside have been proud recipients of: 2017 state arts and culture partnership honours winners –  acknowledging the 27 year partnership with the western australian youth orchestra 



rap sheet:

on the scene in australia for 60 years, chevron have the reputation for being seriously avoidy on tax and lobby hard against any climate action that may affect its profits. this year, chevron allegedly sacked 230 workers despite announcing an annual profit of $1.4 billion from its australian operations. the gorgon and wheatstone lng  projects in wa are making a tidy $32 million dollars per day in clear profits. yes, thats per day.

chevron has at least 600 shell companies – and likely hundreds more – registered in bermuda and delaware. chevron’s latest tax scheme, currently under investigation by the australian tax office (ato), could reduce chevron’s tax bill by $35 million or more.

chevron have been proud initiators of: chevron focus environment wa school photography competition: 2003 – present  the awards encourage all wa primary and secondary students to ‘be aware of their environment and understand the need to safeguard ecosystems for future generations’.

2020 national diversity and inclusion partner for the australian of the year awards


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