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we’re hitting the road!

4 February 2019

we're turning the streets of regional wa into playgrounds

our participatory show deviator travels to bunbury, mandurah and albany!

we’re working with local artists in each city to blend radically altered versions of childrens’ games with subtle live performance. deviator places audiences as interventionists out on the streets, ready to creatively disrupt the city,
one game at a time.

want to come and play deviator? as an audience member, your mission is to seek out and activate fifteen audio instructions hidden in public spaces and play as many of the games as possible. activities range from discreet incursions to bold and playful acts. you may find yourself  ‘guerrilla pole dancing,’ seed bombing, playing dodgeball with the local mayor or hiding in plain sight. each game encourages players to explore the potential of public space and deviate from the norm.

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