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the tiny revolutions think tank is underway

17 October 2019

head to pica to take part in the brainstorming

tiny revolutions – the brand new residency based project from pvi collective is underway at the perth institute of contemporary arts (pica)

Via the tiny revolutions website, people from all around the world have shared with us issues that cause them concern. now each challenge is being brainstormed into an artistic outcome via a fast paced and fun game process.


as the submissions to the project arrive an ‘anxiety register‘ keeps track of which of the big issues people are most concerned about.

So far democracy, the status of women and the climate crisis are the most common areas people have lodged submissions under.

you can join the think tank team for any of their three sessions they conduct from tuesday to saturday. simply head to pica to register your attendance, or drop by at 10:00am, 11:30am or 2:00pm .

the think tank sessions will continue until 26th october, the following week the project will move on to its final stage to ‘do’ sessions – where a team of artivists will create all the artistic responses generated in the ‘think’ sessions.

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