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thanks for the feedback – what you told us in our recent survey

13 May 2019

workshops and seminars

we recently asked what people would like us to include in future workshop, seminars and professional development opportunities.

here’s what you told us via our survey.

you’re really interested in find out more about creating games as social disruptors, coding for beginners, public intervention tactics, applying for funding, creating effective partnerships, the legal and insurance implications of working in public spaces, managing budgets and you’d love to know more about copyright and intellectual property.

you’re not so interested in skills around pitching ideas, developing creative ideas or marketing and media.

the best days for workshops and seminars are monday, wednesday, saturday and sunday.

most people are also after more opportunities to meet other creative artists and it would be great if there were more mentorships to help people develop their skills and art works.

thanks to everyone who took part in the survey.

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