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sometimes you just need some tactical art

5 June 2019

help us fundraise for new rapid response works

as a society there are so many issues we need to respond to. climate change, surveillance technology, corporate greed, political apathy, gender inequality, economic divides and many more.

one inventive way to break the cycle, and make a difference, is to fund some rapid response tactical art.

our team has created lots of big works of arts, internationally acclaimed productions including deviator, black market, waster and disobedience rules. Now we’re looking to get back to our roots and make some small rapid response works that are reactions to things happening right now.

we’ve named this project: the space invaders.

you can bring actions to life by making a donation to our space invaders fund.

head to our give now crowd funding page and sign up to make a monthly donation to fund the art. alternatively you can also make a one-off contribution.

pvi collective are professional disrupters, artivists and space invaders. your support will empower us to create small, timely artworks that provoke change.

we’ll keep you in the loop and provide you updates on the different works we create, and you can even send us your suggestions on what topics you’d like to tackle.

Head to our give now page to fund the space invaders



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