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pvi collective deliver ‘resist’ in mandurah

7 November 2019

what are the big issues that need to be resolved?

pvi collective are delivering their acclaimed work resit at the 2019 mandurah arts festival.

resist is a participatory public performance that has travelled the world for the past 15 years inviting members of the public to step up and champion a cause using the ancient art of tug-of-war.

a humorous, physical work with drop dead serious intentions, resist aims to give rise to hidden, unspoken or disenfranchised voices within the community, as well as grapple with the potential of people power in local communities.

resist involves a period of consultation within the community soliciting information and asking the question – what issues have the community divided and what solutions would you like to see put in place?

this consultation period results in a number of local, global and/or uniquely personal issues with suggested solutions to resolving each topic.

mandurah residents are invited to come along to a drop-in session on friday 8th november between 3:00pm and 4:30pm. the consultation will be held at make place, 38 mandurah terrace.  the discussion will be one on one conversations or short group discussions lasting 15 minutes.

pvi are aiming to consult with a broad and diverse range of citizens who feel passionately about the future of this city and what obstacles or hurdles it currently faces.

at the end of the consultation period each issue is listed on an oversized scoreboard and individual audience members attending the mandurah arts festival will be invited to select one they would like to wage war over.

the tug of war section of the work will be held on dolphin beach, keith holmes reserve [next to obg] on sat 16th november from 3pm – 6:30pm.

following the tug of war battle event, pvi deliver the results of our contests to a key civic leader in the community, handing over the official mantle of ‘champion of the people’ for them to implement suggested changes.

consultation friday 8th november, 3:00pm – 4:30pm, at make place, 38 mandurah terrace

tug of war saturday 16th november, 3:00pm – 6:30pm, at  dolphin beach, keith holmes reserve

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