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a doomsday prepper treasure hunt in the heart of the city.

about waster

waster is part treasure hunt, part survival guide, intervening in the city as a series of rubbish bins wired for sound and kitted out with d.i.y. post-crisis tools.

waster positions the audience member as a doomsday prepper on a mission to acquire the skills necessary to survive the century of crisis. their task is to hunt down a series of rubbish bins, which have been converted into survival stations.

waster playfully interrogates a future post-capitalism, transforming the ubiquitous rubbish bin into a series of stealthy bin-stallations on the streets. occupying disused spaces, alleyways, car parks and street corners, each bin-stallation presents players with a potential doomsday scenario and offers an interactive survival service to help weather the social, environmental and economic storm that is heading our way.

from camouflage techniques to weaponising garbage and divining new water sources, each bin describes a new (and possible) crisis, giving audiences a different challenge to complete and arming them with the skills necessary for survival. as audiences complete one service, they gain code access to the next. each step brings them closer to preparing for a new period of the human journey, testing resourcefulness, rat bastard cunning and future worth.

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devised by:
pvi collective

performance history:
city of perth for the winter arts season 2017
performers: pvi collective, jacob lehrer, jessica nyanda moyle, rachael arianne ogle

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