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tts: recruit

about tts: recruit

the rise of 4th generation warfare has arrived. are you ready to be recruited?

tts: recruit was a companion work to terrorist training school, unpacking the company’s recent infiltration into the army reservists in order to find out more about the rise of 4th generation warfare. an interactive dvd, tts: recruit blurred the distinction between soldier, terrorist and civilian and was discretely installed into blockbuster dvd stores throughout perth suburbia.

tts: recruit places the viewer in the simulated role of a ‘recruit’ who must undertake training in terror. the work parallels recruitment methodologies from military and guerrilla forces, embracing pop-culture formats such as motivational videos, game-play & role-play scenarios, fitness workouts, aptitude tests and ‘consequence free’ target practise. tts: recruit was part of pvi collective’s controversial body of work investigating fear & terror as a methodology for social control. the work was intended as a one-on-one interactive experience from the comfort of your lounge room.

tts: recruit was later made available to rent from iconic perth retail outlet, planet video.

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tts: recruit devised pvi collective and was originally commissioned by artrage festival

special guest appearance
sharon flindell
special guest appearance
jo lee
special guest appearance
mike nanning
special guest appearance
andrew beck
music compositions
pretty boy crossover
additional music for step 4
alan guest
dvd cover design
mantra designs

show info

intervention and exhibition history

supermart exhibition, artrage festival, perth 2005
planet video, mount lawley, perth, oct 2005 – 2008


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