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about trusterbuster

a split-site performance deploying ex-military lie detection software, multi-screen video projection a public phone box wired for sound.

inspired by the now iconic film montage style of documentary film maker, adam curtis, trusterbuster is set simultaneously in a performance space and a public phone box. beginning as an intimate interview, it quickly descends into an interrogation with the truster lie detection software exploring the pursuit of truth at the expense of personal freedom.

trusterbuster was the first in a series of artworks investigating heightened police powers by taking them further into dystopian territory. the work responded to a global tightening of anti-terror laws, raising questions around the presumption of innocence in the interests of public safety.

with the aid of ex-israeli military lie detection software [truster™], which outputs real time data on the ‘believability’ of answers, pvi openly interrogate a willing employee of a much loved arts organisation, who we have suspected of being a potential threat to national security. the employee arrives at the phone box which is wired for sound and four street based cameras. the call is aired live and the video is beamed back into the performance space via split-screen video projection.

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devised & performed by pvi collective

guest performer
jackson castiglione
production manager
mike nanning

show info

performance history

putting on an act festival, perth institute of contemporary arts august 2002


key research area – the power of nightmares, the rise of the politics of fear – adam curtis

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