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the mugger hunt

about the mugger hunt

a twisted digital game of trust, between a computer and a human being.

the mugger hunt was inspired by the subversive activities of the first punk, writer william burroughs, drawing from his imagined strategy for a vigilante group ‘the order of the grey gentlemen’.

in the mugger hunt, pvi navigate a blindfolded performer around the performance space of pica [perth institute of contemporary arts] and then out into the streets of perth, controlled and directed solely by b.u.d.d.i. – pvi’s artificial performer.

strapped and protruding from the performer’s trouser zip, is a customized extended monopod, housing a camcorder displaying the performers moving image. footage is relayed back ‘live,’ video projected for the audience to witness his escapades into perth cultural centre. accompanying the audio and video feed, is a mechanically diluted soundtrack of hard bop. on the streets at approximately nine o’clock at night anything could happen…

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he (b.u.d.d.i.) is a virtual personification of the processes of mediation by which subversive individuals and activities become subsumed into the dominant hegemony. all that remains is the ghost in the system, the beat and the jive.

bec dean
mu magazine, issue 4 // 1999

devised and performed by pvi collective

production manager
mike nanning

show info

performance history

putting on an act festival – perth institute of contemporary art, 1999

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