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the catastrophe institute

an international think-tank experimenting with disaster

about the catastrophe institute

the catastrophe institute was a collaboration between artists juliane stiegele [germany] and pvi collective.

developed during a residency at iaska during september – october 2005, the catastrophe institute was an international think-tank that experimented with disaster – exploring changing perceptions of catastrophe in relation to the places we live and people we know.

during a residency period, a number of catastrophe experiments were attempted in the local environment, exploring catastrophe in its widest contexts from natural disasters, to local man-made catastrophes and catastrophe prevention. each experiment was documented using video, audio and photography with the results exhibited in a gallery based exhibition with the local community invited.

global catastrophic risks are those that pose serious threats to human well-being on a global scale. an immensely diverse collection of events could constitute global catastrophes: they range from volcanic eruptions to pandemic infections, nuclear accidents to worldwide tyrannies, out-of-control scientific experiments to climatic changes, and cosmic hazards to economic collapse.

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performance history

iaska – international artspace kellerberrin, wa, oct 2005

the catastropophe institute was supported by arts wa, the australia council for the arts visual arts & crafts strategy, country arts wa, iaska and the shire of kellerberrin.

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