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panopticon online

about panopticon online

an interactive web event that enlists members of the public as elite surveillance operatives

pvi’s first exploration of the potential of participatory performance, panopticon online saw audience members invited one by one to don a not-so-subtle disguise and accompany pvi on the local streets of perth city, performing for cctv cameras. the work focussed on the prolific global rise of 3rd generation cctv camera technology.

audiences logged on to the pvi website and completed an online test to ascertain their suitability for [c]overt surveillance. once enlisted, panopticon operatives remained anonymous, were attributed codenames and assigned a bespoke surveillance mission to complete with us with 24 hrs notice.

the live art experiment was intended as a playful and critical investigation into the advancements of surveillance capabilities and its consequent infringements of civil liberties.

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devised by pvi collective with panopticon operatives: silver, purple, gold, fuchsia, orange, amber, brown, bronze, clay, ivory, aqua, and scarlet.

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intervention history

perth city streets, 2001

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