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kiss club

a performance club for ideas in development.

about kiss club

kiss club encourages practitioners from live disciplines to explore, test and experiment with their ideas and receive immediate feedback from an audience of peers. with up to six artists presenting ten minutes worth of material and a ‘q&a’ session with an invited speaker, each evening gives a fast and furious insight into what’s bubbling in the hearts and minds of perth’s experimental performance makers.

the kiss club model is gifted to pvi by creative comrade, artist and activist karen therese.

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in cia studios

KISS club No. 1 [13 April 2012]

Featuring Janet Carter, Renae Coles, pvi collective, Leon Ewing, Sam Fox & Ofa Fotu.

In Conversation: Karen Therese [NSW]: The politics and adventures of the brides in New York. CIA studios Head Boy and Head Girl Steve Bull [pvi] & Kelli McCluskey [pvi] talk with Kiss Club Founder and artist Karen Therese about her recent marriage.


KISS club No. 2 [9 Nov 2012]


x Tarryn & Laura: the myth of sisyphus version 1.0

x Alex Wolman: attempting to jump on and off a box five hundred times in ten minutes

x Emma Fishwick: multiple mobs of one

x Meredith Godley: all my selves on youtube

x Benjamin and Rhiannon: block party

x Kynan Tan: multiplicity

In Conversation: Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith, The Australian Urban Design Research Centre, University of Western Australia: Repressed Agendas in Urban Design.


KISS club No. 3 [13 Dec 2014]

x Karen Therese – Hawaii – Pucker up! Kiss Club is gifted to pvi collective by artist and activist Karen Therese.

x Toyi-Toyi Theatre – Monkey Bars – Lets play a game. I’ll be the government, and your children are invited to come play behind bars. Don’t worry they will not suspect a thing.

x Loren Kronemyer – Natural History – A participatory journey that takes players backwards through the depths of our evolutionary timeline.

x Jen Jamieson – Flag Boat – How do you sink a paper boat? Firstly, you have to instruct someone how to make one. One, two, three, yell.

x Cool Dad – Dear Beloved – A participatory multimedia that explores the strange intimacy of the spam email folder.

x Fee Plumley – Release These Thoughts – I have become increasingly obsessed by The Commons and the freedoms which have been taken from humans all over the world, because: profit.

x Kynan Tan – Metagenome – Contemplates the network of life by translating the metagenegenomic DNA data of an ecosystem into dense, textured, evocative sound.

x in conversation with Janet Carter – openkitchen project


KISS club No. 4 [17 April 2015]

x Snapcat – Tiny Parade – A tiny two-person parade. Dressed in bright paper costumes with painted faces, we drag wheeled sculptures, playing mournful improvised music on homemade musical instruments.

x Hellen Russo – Things that Matter – Explores the overwhelming and suffocating feeling of compulsive hoarding and the struggle to get rid of useless objects linked to memories and deep attachment.

x indigo eli – (with(in)side) out – A thought-data experiment, an exploration of embodiment and knowledge, a perceptual translation of Records of Translation (Devon Ward)

x Kathleen Szalay – Tiny Dancer – She dances for you because you stopped to listen. He dances for her but not for all, hidden in plain sight stuck to the wall.

x Meredith Godley – #pose – Seeks to express the very authentic creativity that underlies the selfie, by inviting viewers backstage to witness the usually un-uploaded selfie-rehearsal.

x in conversation with Kate Raynes-Goldie – Women in the Gaming Industry, and How Games Are Changing Society For The Better!

and we are very excited to introduce Kiss Club House Band: Blackwall Reach!


KISS club No. 5 [13 November 2015]


Q+A – Senator Scott Ludlam – Arts Funding, Data Retention and Myanmar Voting – Scott Ludlam is the Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Broadband and Communications, Nuclear and Housing and Sustainable Cities. He was elected to Parliament in November 2007 and again in April 2014.

x Janaina Moraes in collaboration with Georgia page and Josten Myburgh – A Picnic – What did you bring to share?

x Trihedral Sector – It’s Getting Awkward – A contemporary dance work exploring the challenges and variables in greeting people for the first time.

x pvi collective – blackmarket – a global economic collapse just around the corner. get the skills you will need to survive – learn how to weaponise garbage or master psychological coping mechanisms – pvi have a whole bunch of new services to try out…

x Elise Reitze – Adventure Tune – An interactive puzzle of electronics, lights and sounds in which an audience member must navigate through successfully to receive the ultimate reward – a piece of music.

With KISS club house band Blackwall Reach providing personalised introductions for each performer.

at pica

kiss club 2020

presented by pica and pvi collective (currently in call-out phase)


in 2017 we joined forces with pica to co-present KISS club.

kiss club 2017

we had a q+a with reuban saul of estrin saul lawyers

x Renegade Productions – ‘sermon for the material age’, a sermon for the godless and spiritless, a ritual with the participation of the audience.

x Jess Moyle and Andrew Sutherland – ‘cephalopod’, an inky satire of politics and survival, of decoy bodies, feeding frenzies, fish-and-chip shops and high-heels for every tentacle. welcome to the squid millennium.

x Renee Newman – ‘seeking basic needs and other tales of excess’, an audio tour involving stories of migration, notions of need and simple acts of transcendence. 

x rebecca’s world – ‘bad noise’, an intimate exploration of sounds that are considered unpleasant, ugly and incorrect.

x Daisy Sanders – ‘rest in context’, presenting embodied research practice in spontaneous contexts. deepening resting, allowing and channeling ‘go’.

x Your Mouth Collective – ‘lady of the lavender’. bridging forms between movement, text and live instruments. inspired by the symbolism and cultural significance of lavender flowers, and all-too-common life experiences.


kiss club 2018

q+a with huia mglinchey, the smith family.

x Michelle Aitken, Joe Lui, Jess Nyanda Moyle and Holly Pooley -T-REX THEATRE
Part provocation and part invitation to creatively respond to feelings of irrelevance as creatives in a seemingly dire world

x blank space productions – THE MIGHTY
A counterculture exploration of feminism, race and humanity.

x Charlotte Otton with accompaniment by George Ashforth – feminah
An exploration of vulgar women through song and storytelling, Feminah is an ode to women who embrace the beast within and refuse to be censored.

x Rhiannon Petersen – jerry
A silly, political, clown-esque Drag piece – Something between Priscilla and Fury Road, examining hierarchy and decay.

x steamworks arts – flesh and bones
An exploration and re-framing of Australian colonial ‘heroic’ archetypes such as explorers, bushrangers and squatters as embodied by female performance makers through a  post-colonial lens.  

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