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kiss club

a performance club for ideas in development.

about kiss club

kiss club encourages practitioners from live disciplines to explore, test and experiment with their ideas and receive immediate feedback from an audience of peers.

the kiss club model is gifted to pvi by creative comrade, artist and activist karen therese.

Artists present 10 minutes of a work in progress to an audience, providing a chance to trial a new idea with the audience gaining access to a dynamic arts experience. each evening gives a fast and furious insight into what’s bubbling in the hearts and minds of perth’s experimental performance makers.

Since 2022, kiss club has shifted to a new format, guided by participant feedback in recent years. Previously, participant artists have worked with a pvi artist mentor prior to the performance event. Now, the new format entails a 3-day lab to interrogate the idea in progress and develop the best method of testing this with a live audience. The lab is envisioned as professional development and an opportunity for KISS club artists to support and engage with one another as a group.

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in cia studios

kiss club no. 1 [13 april 2012]

  • janet carter – ‘flush’
  • renae coles – ‘the union’
  • pvi collective
  • leon ewing – ‘the problem with evil’
  • sam fox
  • ofa fotu – ‘odette mercy’s heartbreak dance’

in conversation: karen therese with steve bull & kelli mccluskey – the politics and adventures of the brides in new york. pvi artists talk with kiss club founder about her recent marriage.

kiss club no. 2 [9 nov 2012]

  • tarryn & laura – ‘the myth of sisyphus version 1.0’
  • alex wolman – ‘attempting to jump on and off a box five hundred times in ten minutes’
  • emma Fishwick – ‘multiple mobs of one’
  • meredith godley – ‘all my selves on youtube’
  • benjamin and Rhiannon – ‘block party’
  • kynan tan – ‘multiplicity’

in conversation: dr anthony duckworth-smith, the australian urban design research centre, university of western Australia – repressed agendas in urban design.

kiss club no. 3 [13 dec 2014]

  • karen therese – ‘hawaii’
  • toyi-toyi theatre – ‘monkey bars’
  • loren kronemyer – ‘natural history’
  • jen jamieson – ‘flag boat’
  • cool dad – ‘dear beloved’
  • fee plumley – ‘release these thoughts’
  • kynan tan – ‘metagenome’

in conversation: janet carter – openkitchen project

kiss club no. 4 [17 april 2015]

  • snapcat – ‘tiny parade’
  • hellen russo – ‘things that matter’
  • indigo eli – ‘(with(in)side) out’
  • kathleen szalay – ‘tiny dancer’
  • meredith godley – ‘#pose’

in conversation: kate raynes-goldie – women in the gaming industry, and how games are changing society for the better! Introducing kiss club house band: blackwall reach

kiss club no. 5 [13 november 2015]

  • janaina moraes in collaboration with georgia page and josten myburgh – ‘a picnic’
  • trihedral sector – ‘it’s getting awkward’
  • pvi collective – ‘blackmarket’
  • elise reitze – ‘adventure tune’

q+a – senator scott ludlam – arts funding, data retention and myanmar voting with kiss club house band blackwall reach providing personalised introductions for each performer.


at pica

kiss club no. 6 [12 may 2017]

  • renegade productions – ‘sermon for the material age’
  • jess moyle and andrew sutherland – ‘cephalopod’
  • renee newman – ‘seeking basic needs and other tales of excess’
  • rebecca’s world – ‘bad noise’
  • daisy sanders – ‘rest in context’
  • your mouth collective – ‘lady of the lavender’

q+a with reuben saul of estrin saul lawyers

kiss club no. 7 [25th may 2018]

  • michelle aitken, joe lui, jess nyanda moyle and holly pooley – ‘t-rex theatre’
  • blank space productions – ‘the mighty’
  • charlotte otton with accompaniment by george ashforth – ‘feminah’
  • rhiannon petersen – ‘jerry’
  • steamworks arts – ‘flesh and bones’

q+a with huia mglinchey, the smith family.

kiss club no. 8 [12th & 13th september 2019]

  • jen jamison – ‘this is not personal’
  • jacinta larcombe – ‘slutdrop’
  • elizabeth pedler, jacqui otago, bugs boyd – ‘dark contrast’
  • daley king – ‘lipstuck’
  • adam bennet, michelle aitken, scarlet davis – ‘goodbye/hello’
  • patrick gunasekera – ‘a decolonial history of the avant garde’

kiss club no. 9 [ 3rd & 4th september 2020]

  • rose kingdom-barron – ‘mummy’s plastic presents the social currency’
  • daley rangi – ‘takatāpui’
  • dureshawar khan – ‘khatarnaak khaza (dangerous woman)’
  • talya rubin – ‘zoology’’
  • danielle freakley – ‘imaginary friend’
  • sam nerida – ‘outcalls only’
  • gabbi fusco – ‘neurodiverse’

kiss club no. 10 [10th & 11th june 2021]

  • callum seigmund – ‘biosecurity penetration test’
  • chole nolan & chandler abrahams – ‘loose’
  • jo pollitt, mindy balise, emily gray, and emma fishwick – ‘#feas: wheel of fortune’
  • matt aitken – ‘e.m.p.a.t.h.y training’
  • michelle aitken, andrew sutherland, jess nyanda moyle – ‘I hope my love never finds you’

at midland junction arts centre

the kickstart festival editions, presented in conjunction with propel youth arts wa for youth week


kiss club no. 11 [april 13th 2022]

  • david stewart (with claire appleby): buckland x undercurrent theatre company – ‘buckland – broadcast to space’
  • haylee whisson (with samantha hortin): onset productions – ‘suits’
  • sally davies – ‘rupert murdoch and the jellyfish girl’
  • william gammel (with eliza smith, clea purkis, and nathan calvert): stop drop and roll theatre co. – ‘everything flickers’’
  • aisha samat (with jessica pettitt and nadia priolo) – ‘the flowers wilt’


kiss club no. 12 [april 19th & 20th 2023]

  • benamin quirk – ‘crush’
  • marli jupiter, rhiannon bryan, leisel lucerne-knight and emmerson tucker: the slug collective – ‘xxhornyslug69xx’
  • holland brooks and abi russell: sailing with styx theatre – ‘gigi spotlight and the fabulously freaky fourth wave feminist fantasy’
  • delaney brooke burke and ray teakle – ‘the mast’
  • julie ziegenhardt and naoko uemoto – ‘recaptcha remix’


kiss club no. 13 [april 10th & 11th 2024]

  • charlotte meagher – ‘the joy of paper’
  • saskia willinge and lara dorling – ‘crushing’
  • mackenzie brown – ‘by victor’
  • sarah francis and alex winner – ‘igniting potential’
  • maya yussof & danyon – ‘house music’

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