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a performance work cunningly disguised as a pub quiz - a rowdy hour of ‘eatertainment’, where audiences team up to consider what challenges we face as eaters in the midst of a climate emergency.

about eaters

“‘eaters’ will be the ultimate arbiter of where and how food is grown and how the land is cared for ... we all have a stake in the future of food and farming.” - gabrielle chan, ‘why you should give a fuck about farming.’ 2021

eaters is a rowdy participatory quiz night hosted by pvi collective that seeks some common ground for the future of food.  from the people who grow it, to the ones that consume it, along with the powers that control its production and future survival, we all have skin in the game.

eaters draws input from farmers working on the front lines, first nations experts, authors, physicists, conservationists, eco-activists and the world of agronomy to question if a change of diet can ensure the future of the planet.

eaters asks players to come to grips with some of the greatest threats facing agriculture that have implications for us all. through an artfully mashed up quiz night, pvi will playfully sow the seeds of personal responsibility vs political will in order to flesh out a way forward.

eaters invites us to rethink some of the urban-centric views on the business of agriculture and take a look at the other side. at what is already being done, what the land listeners themselves are hearing and what we can do.

eaters elevates the traditional pen and paper pub quiz to a participatory game show with the host announcing questions, previewed on screen and scored live using computer software.

eaters uses a free computer based software solution called speedquizzing which can be played with up to 64 players. using a hub based system means players don’t need access to the internet and aren’t at the mercy of a weak phone signal or venue wifi. small teams use the speedquizzing app as their virtual remote to answer all the agri-trivia. spot prizes are awarded for valiant efforts and personal sacrifices. quiz rounds build to a series of playful physical challenges for selected teams.

as teams accrue points and map out their future food journeys, the ultimate aim of the game is not to win, but to plant a seed for change to go home with.

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