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disobedience rules

a live action board game with a social agenda.

about disobedience rules

"civil disobedience is not our problem. our problem is civil obedience.” - howard zinn

a game for change agents, policy makers and future thinkers, disobedience rules invites diverse and inspiring leaders to roll the dice and explore creative tactics for a new wave of civil disobedience at a local level. previous players have included, journalists, sports stars, art workers, architects, policy advisers, environmental activists and radio broadcasters.

disobedience rules is a bespoke project which can be adapted for conferences, festivals and full scale performance venues. performed in-front of a live audience, players role the dice on the custom-made board game and hone their disobedient skills by grappling with local issues and coming up with ideas that can be crash tested instantaneously out on the city streets by pvi’s elite team team of uncivil servants.

originally commissioned for bloemfontein, south africa with local collaborators and live actions on their city streets. it has since had iterations as a ‘policy edition’, at parliament house, canberra, an ‘ethics edition’ for the navigating ethics in arts partnerships forum and an ‘online edition’ for bleach festival, gathering players in lockdown to explore disobedience across the country.

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billboard liberation

the disobedience rules billboard is in the city today and needs a motivational slogan to activate members of the public. what would you have it say?

category: ocular welfare
disobedience rules: south africa, jun 2018 // bloemfontein, sa.


... you have 60 secs to communicate what you wish prime minister turnbull had said at that volatile time.

category: sonic rights
disobedience rules: the policy edition, aug 2018 // canberra, aus.

if i can't dance

... the ministry of disobedience is collating an international library of dissenting dances. what is your dance move and what is its name?

category: municipal unrest
disobedience rules: south africa, jun 2018 // bloemfontein, sa.

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performance history

vrystaat kunsterfees, bloemfontain, south africa. 2018
future / forward, nava conference, parliament house, canberra. 2018
bleach festival, gold coast. 2020
chamber of arts and culture, navigating ethics conference, boorloo. 2022


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