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kiss club highlights western australian music

16 September 2019

check out our playlist from kiss club 2019

kiss club 2019 featured six groups of local artists showcasing work in development. during the evening a magical ambience was created in the pica performance space with a soundtrack of made up of tunes from local musicians.

many people asked us if we could put the tunes we played into a spotify playlist, but very few of the musicians we featured are on the platform.

so here’s the playlist so you track down each artist yourself.


  1. Usurper of Modern medicine – auto-cad disaster (apricot rail remix)
  2. andrew sinclair – tribute to omar and david (night walk) (Usurper of modern medicine remix)
  3. tame impala – solitude is bliss (mickey moonlight t.a.m. remix)
  4. abbe may – kiss my apocalypse
  5. leafy suburbs – machete beat
  6. gravy murphy – two rabbits, one bullet
  7. yarhkob – dream hop
  8. the silent world – dick dawkins

scene changes

  1. diger rokwell – remains
  2. the leaving  – infinite
  3. chr15m – hilbert curve
  4. alpha is the omega – beta
  5.  abbe may – design desire


  1. felicity groom – trophy talk
  2. inertia – singe (funky dub)
  3. sassi & loco – bibleopoly (edit)
  4. pedrag delibasic – beautiful florist
  5. six mile high (yummy fur) – homebaker (loco remix)
  6. rhibosome – kuchembera
  7. forty dog – back to the shore

Thinking music

  1.  craig mcelhinney – drift slowly down the frozen lakes through the ice caves
  2. craig mcelhinney – banana milk
  3. cycle~440 – in memorandum of gregor samsa
  4. cycle~440 – last night of a dying land


  1. the sweet blue midnights – this year’s kisses
  2. jamie oehlers – protest
  3. alana macpherson nonet – swan
  4. mace francis orchestra – over and over and over

music compiled by graeme watson. image: daley king rehearses lipstick




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