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kiss club 2019 artists announced

22 July 2019

a performance club for ideas in development

pvi collective and pica are pleased to announce six artists and groups have been selected to take part in kiss club.

presenting new works in progress at this year’s club will be adam bennett, queer and loathing, elizabeth pedler, jacinta larcombe, jen jamieson and patrick gunasekera.

their works span a wide range of creative practice and tough on a wide range of theme including gender, mental health, sexuality, racism and cultural appropriation.

Here’s what’s on the menu for 2019.

adam bennett: goodbye / hello

Our world and society is fundamentally changing. The impacts of environmental degradation and political upheavals are shocking us out of our comfort zones. Inspired by the works of Forced Entertainment, Adam and other performers say goodbye to the things we need to let go of, and hello to our emerging future

queer and loathing: lipstuck

Lipstuck will vibrantly deconstruct the zeitgeist of lipstick through kaleidoscopic experimental performance, exploring its use as both a tool and a weapon of body politics.

elizabeth pedler: dark contrast

In a play of light and dark, movements and reflections, Dark Contrast creates moments of disorientation, flickering wonder, and discovery as the audience takes over.

jacinta larcombe: slutdrop

From being idolized to shamed all in one night, Jacinta recalls stories of what it was like to work within a strip club in Northbridge. Period-ing on customers, change room talk and being told she reminds them of a friends’ daughter.

jen jamieson: This is not (personal) 

A set of sign-cards to assist you when your mental health is not helping you socialise.

patrick gunasekera: a decolonial history of the avant-garde

do not take what does not belong to you

kiss club is a performance event for ideas in development, featuring emerging and established artists across live and experimental arts practice.

created by sydney based artist karen therese, kiss club has been presented by tactical media group pvi collective since 2010 until it began a partnership with pica in 2016.

in 2019 kiss club continues as a collaboration between pica and pvi collective.

selected artists will present 10 minutes of a work in progress to an audience, providing a chance to trial new ideas and receive feedback in a generous and warm environment.

this fast and furious performance night gives audiences a fresh insight into what is bubbling in the hearts and minds of perth’s experimental performance makers and the opportunity to help shape and support new work.

ahead of their kiss club presentation each group works with a provocateur from pvi collective on the development of their work.

Tickets to kiss club are now on sale

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