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join in the tiny revolution

29 October 2019

help deliver over 50 creative responses

pvi collective’s latest work ‘tiny revolutions’ is entering its third phase this week.

first we asked people from all around the world to tell us about the things that concerned them. they sent us submissions about the climate crisis, the status of women, population, energy and many other things.

then a think tank brainstormed each concern and came up with a creative response to each submission, a tiny revolution for each, a way to bring attention to the concern.

now you can join the pvi collective team to deliver these artistic responses all over town.

on the first day of the ‘do’ section of the project the team undertook a range of activities.

to draw attention to the amount of water used society, the team researched how much water is used in the process of making a burger. altogether 2,400 litres of water are used, to highlight this – one team member was filmed eating a hamburger in 2,400 seconds.

to highlight concerns about the democracy, the team created a sign suggesting you could save democracy via a democracy defibrillator. the installation was put in place at a local hospital.

remember all those ads from clive palmer during the last election? to highlight a concern about the effects of money on our political processes, and the need for an indigenous voice in parliament, a subversive edit was made of clive’s prolific billboards and tv advertisements.

over the week the team will undertake over 50 different actions.

image: david cox            


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