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deviator tours regional wa

1 April 2019

are you ready for some serious play?

Bunbury and Mandurah have enjoyed the experience of deviator in recent weeks. now the immersive mobile game experience is heading to albany.

This riveting, outdoor game with a smart phone guide invites audiences to temporarily transform their city into a playground.

Adapted on-site with a team of local artists, deviator activates philosophies around revolution, positioning ‘games’ as a potential trigger to alter the official narratives of place.

As a deviator, your mission is to seek out and activate 15 audio instructions hidden in public spaces and play as many of the games as possible. Games are scored in terms of difficulty and range from activities such as ‘guerrilla pole dancing’ and ‘ring-a-ring-a-roses’, to ‘spin the bottle’ and ‘twister’. Each game encourages players to explore their public space in a new way and deviate from the norm.

Having received a deviator smart phone and brief induction from a member of pvi, you take to the streets for one hour, ready to play it out to become the highest scoring deviator of the night!

Co-artistic director Kelli McCluskey says the show gives people permission to misbehave.

deviator invites audiences to playfully misbehave on their own city streets, aiming to provoke us to think about personal freedoms and the politics of public space, but in a seriously fun way. It’s a reclamation of sorts, almost like a temporary occupation, but with games as our weapon of choice.”

After appearing in Glasgow, Scotland, Malmo in Sweden and Vordingborg in Denmark deviator will be in Albany for a limited number of sessions.

book into a session of deviator at the albany entertainment centre between wednesday 9th and saturday 13th april.

image David cox media

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