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concern over the disappearance of the arts in government restructure

10 December 2019

pvi collective believes the arts must be visible on a national level

pvi collective are concerned about the statement from prime minister scott morrison that announced that the arts will no longer be represented by name in a commonwealth department.

the decision to amalgamate the department of communications, cyber security and the arts into a mega-department alongside the industries of transport and infrastructure appears to have no reason or logic. 

last week the prime minister declared that this restructure will not result in any significant cost savings, but would allow the department to be more focussed on the needs of the australian people. 

the arts is an industry which contributes over 111 billion dollars to australian gdp. in wa alone, the performing arts has been one of the states fastest growing industries and currently employs more people than the mining sector. as a public service industry, it provides essential cultural experiences for all australians and deserves recognition from the commonwealth government. 

it is deeply concerning that it appears that the government has done little consulting with the department or the wider industry before making this significant change. 

the ongoing cuts to the australia council have already taken their toll on the industry as a whole, and this new development is another indicator that the morrison government does not value the work of artists or the 98% of australian public who actively participate in the arts.

the question has to be asked, if this is not a ‘cost saving measure’ then what is the intention behind burying the arts from view?

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