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artwash award 2019

winner: chevron

in 2019, pvi established the artwash awards, as part of their tiny revolutions project, and delivered a custom-made trophy to renowned arts sponsor and biggest emissions polluter in wa1, chevron.

about chevron

chevron is australia’s biggest carbon polluter nationally2

in 2016/17 they were responsible for 697million tonnes of carbon emissions3 and are jeopardising chances of australia reaching its paris target emissions4.

wa – chevron have 2 large lng processing plants, mining shale / tight gas and coal seams = fracking.
fracking extraction requires massive amounts of water.
shale gas extraction can cause contamination of ground water5. heavy metals can leak into water tables6 research has shown higher levels of arsenic, salinity, methane and radioactivity in areas where fracking occurs7

chevron stats:

  • 2018 earnings – $3.8b per year = $3.2million a day8
  • annual climate lobby spend = $29million9
  • tax paid – 010
  • chevron could go carbon neutral for 2% of their profits11

watch the 2019 artwash award delivery

the designer of the inaugural artwash award is danielle freakley


the artwash award is an initiative of pvi collective. pvi endeavours to ensure that the information we provide is correct at the time of publication, but no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy.  where a reference is made to statements or reports by others, pvi is referring to that statement or report as made or reported by that third party and is not making the statement or report itself and all such reference should be read accordingly. pvi does not accept responsibility for any decisions made in reliance on this document.


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further readings:

artwash: big oil and the arts. mel evans. pluto books 
take the money and run. jane trowell, platform london.
rio tinto parliamentary enquiry findings dec 2020.
maps of gratitude, cones of silence and lumps of coal. gabrielle de vietri. 2019

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