transumer promotional still
photo by pvi collective
transumer documentation
photo by paul green
transumer documentation
photo by paul green
transumer documentation
photo by paul green

transumer is a site based intervention which encourages audiences to clandestinely take over their city. armed with a customized iphone programmed with augmented reality, participants are invited to roam the rocks, plot the end of their city and create networks revealing strategies for a modern day insurrection.

inspired by an anonymous book written by the invisible committee in 2007 which is part anti-materialist manifesto and part manual for revolution, titled ‘the coming insurrection’, pvi activate the books’ philosophies by instigating a mass experiment where people can risk everything and no-one gets hurt. as a tactical media work transumer aims to resonate beyond the site to affect on a personal and political level, transforming participants from passive consumers into would-be revolutionaries.

in the misery of the present, ‘fucking everything up’ will perhaps serve as the final collective seduction

‘the coming insurrection.’ the invisible committee

Creative Team

devised by: pvi collective

project collaborators: sohan ariel hayes and pvi associates, jason sweeney and james mccuskey.  hitlabnz including its director prof. mark billinghurst, senior research scientist dr raphael grasset, james wen and lars schneider.

project mentor: matt adams [blast theory], uk

Performance History

the 18th biennale of sydney, mca: sydney, aug 2011


event [photos by pvi collective]


transumer promo, 2 minutes
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consumer experiment: sugar daddy, 5 minute promo
research and development for consumer which has never been fully realised and shown publicly. transumer and it’s related works extend from this period.

commissioned by: the 17th biennale of sydney