inform publicity shot
photo by bodan warchomij
inform - stake out
photo by bodan warchomij
inform publicity shot
photo by bodan warchomij

pvi’s elite good citizenry taskforce hits suburbia  in a city dominated by the car, local artist group pvi collective invite you to belt up, tune in and join the ‘loyal citizens underground’ on a road trip into perth’s sprawling urban growth. audiences tune in via their car radios and follow pvi in-convoy into some of perths most notorious neighborhoods as they mount a whistleblower campaign for a safer suburban australia.

empowering residents to report any issues that ‘matter’ and take a stand against ‘unlawful activities’ that are happening on their street. from dog fouling to drag racing, illegal parking to illegal immigrants, water wasting to vandalized street trees, the lcu tackled head-on issues that were bubbling beneath suburbias surface, encouraging neighbours to inform on bad habits and enlist in their crusade on suburban surveillance.

inform is part of pvi’s future belongs to crowds series which aims to explore the relevance of people power in contemporary society. questioning methods used by external forces to monitor and manipulate the individual in an attempt to control mass behaviour and opinion, particularly in light of the expanded structures of surveillance and security measures implemented post 9/11.

an intimate sonic and visual journey, inform casts a cynical eye over a nation being urged to abandon its anti dobbing traditions in favour of a culture of suspicion over the back-yard fence.

eccentric acts of performance that always wear their political edge with grace

proff david williams, version 1.0

Creative Team

devised and performed by: pvi collective with guest artists ben sutton and sarah wilkinson.

soundscapes by: jason sweeeney

production manager: mike nanning

researcher: dr. christina lee

Performance History

perth institute of contemporary arts and suburb street locations, 20th – 30th june 2007


performance [photos by bohdan warchomij]


inform: 5 minute promo