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What is the mortality rate of carbon?

What is the mortality rate of carbon?

6 February 2024

The following formula estimates the number of temperature related deaths caused by the emissions of one additional metric ton of carbon dioxide.

(SCC-Co2 x 45)100 ÷ 4434 = Total loss of life.

To break it down, Every 4,434 metric tons of CO2 added to the atmosphere = 1 loss of life.

This means we can now calculate the projected mortality rate/ lives lost of each company based on publicly available data. For example Woodside Energy’s SCC (mortality damages) for 2022 = 65,314,000 tonnes CO2  x 0.49 / 4434 = 7,218 lives lost.

Find out more about the mortality cost of carbon at – The mortality of cost of carbon.

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