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tiny revolutions

tiny revolutions is a call to arms to develop a series of micro actions to some of the most overwhelmingly urgent issues we face in the 21st century.

about tiny revolutions

"the role of power is to constantly persuade us in the utter futility of our actions” - hannah arendt, political theorist

tiny revolutions is a participatory project aiming to  develop a climate of creative resistance in response to the most immense global challenges society currently faces.

from climate crisis to rapid tech advancement, minority rights to the patriarchy, ‘tiny revolutions’ aims to take the overwhelming scale and  anxieties of these issues and transform them into bite-sized actions that pack a societal punch.

tiny revolutions has been grounded in the millennium project’s 15 global challenges. the millennium project has identified 15 global challenges for humanity, and we have a variety of different ways to respond and bring attention to each one.

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52 artists 52 actions

52 artists 52 actions, artspace, sydney, nsw. august 2018.

for our actions, we looked into the banking royal commission hearings. they revealed tales of reckless lending and gross foul play in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry. from bribery rings, to charging dead people, forged signatures and fraudulent financial advice, it is waaaay worse than we thought.

tiny revolutions against the banks included:                                               

money laundry:

action: set up a temporary money laundry facility outside one of the four banks offering general public the opportunity to clean their money in light of evidence presented at the banking royal commission                                                     


action: truthful advertising campaign. place ‘conbank’ alternative advertising campaign flyer inside commonwealth bank branches.


action: allude to the fact that the bank should be closed, putting up signs on the front doors of the big four banks [anz, nab, comm bank, westpac]


action: call foul on the bankers. station yourself outside a local bank dressed as a referee with whistle and red card. offer general public outside of banks their ‘free kick’ against the foul that has been made.

190 buckets

190buckets, perth, wa, september, 2014.

in 2014, australia was holding 1,023 children in on and offshore detention centres. we don’t know their names, all we have is the numbers.

on 29th august 2014 pvi collective and creative comrades withstood 190 buckets of icy cold river water: one for every child held in detention on nauru. 190 buckets was a durational action aiming to give voice to the remaining 833.

this action was inspired by the als bucket challenge – much respect


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