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tiny revolutions – liveworks festival 2020

an epic think and do tank of tiny proportions.

tiny revolutions is a provocation to develop a climate of resistance that responds to the current social and political crisis brewing. by generating a space for play, this work aims to explore some temporary social change to help us confront the new realities of the present. from climate crisis to rapid tech advancement, minority rights to the patriarchy, tiny revolutions aims to take the overwhelming scale and anxieties of these issues and transform them into bite-sized actions that pack a societal punch.

members of the public were encouraged to submit an epic problem. on the receiving end of the submissions is the tiny revolutions taskforce, made up of invited artists, industry experts, activists and members of the public. each submission is set a strict 30 minute time limit for the taskforce to dig deep, debate and devise a bespoke tiny revolution to be carried out in the public domain.

you can keep up with the progress here

tiny revolutions has been developed in response to the millennium project’s 15 global challenges. the millennium project is a global think-tank on behalf of humanity established by the united nations in 1996. comprised of futurists, researchers and policy makers, the millennium project holds the largest collection of futures research methodology in the world and formulated their findings into 15 global challenges.

tiny revolutions explores the potential for the small to make a big impact and shift our collective anxieties about the future.

presented as part of Liveworks

disobedience rules, the beer o’clock edition – bleach festival

Let’s play! disobedience rules is a live-action board game with a social agenda

Quick response rounds test your activist tendencies, and scenario-based questions result in dissenting dance moves and public interventions. It’s irreverent, mischievous and looking for disobedience in all the right places.

audiences attended Bleach* Club and watched this live from screens in the bar or from the comfort of their own home as an online virtual event, that went live at 5pm on 18 Nov.  you can watch the fun episodes online for a limited time via these links: episode 1 | episode 2

in partnership with bleach festival 

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