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deviator in karratha

red earth festival – are you ready for some serious play?


cyclone-bracing on pause, karratha is warned to prepare for city-wide disruption as the streets are taken over, one game at a time, by deviator. this immersive, outdoor game invites audiences to temporarily transform their city into a playground. adapted on-site with a team of local artists, the mission is to seek out 15 audio instructions hidden in public spaces which encourage players to playfully disrupt the public realm and deviate from the norm. 

we’re very much looking forward to working with the team of local artists in karratha and being part of the festival in what will likely be the sweatiest version of deviator yet.  the programme features an incredible lineup of wa artists including friends and creative comrades:  tomas ford, andrea gibbs, alex desebrock and tanya lee.

check out the full programme here

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