tts critical reader

tts: critical reader
photo by pvi collective
tts: critical reader
photo by pvi collective

tts: critical reader is a pica publication and is available for purchase. it is a 52 page spiral bound reader (with 20 colour pages of documentation).

the recent tsunami that has devastated all the countries bordering the indian ocean – with the exception of australia – has sent shock waves (sic) throughout the world. stories of terror, trauma and catastrophe generated by this most awesome of natural disasters have dominated the media in recent days. any response seems utterly inadequate in the face of such widespread devastation and suffering.  

should we then declare war on tsunamis? send a probe deep into the earth’s crust and tell it not to rupture? planet earth – it now seems clear – is a weapon of mass destruction and what are we doing about it? within days, the media is on the case – looking for someone to blame. the fault it seems is india’s. no tsunami warning system in place. fortunately, insurance companies are largely in the clear because most of the people who lost their lives or livelihoods were too poor to have insurance.   it is the terrifying absurdity of such propositions enacted daily worldwide, that sees pvi collective undertaking the huge task of producing the first national tour of their performance project, tts: australia. pvi collective invite audiences along for a ride in their customised minibus through the familiar streets of australian cities.  

tts: australia is a mobile performance project that asks us to reflect on some of the truly compelling questions confronting australians in the early years of the new millennium: the relationship between terrorism and the media, propaganda, the war on terror and the politics of fear. yet it does so without preaching or accusation and it’s often very funny.  pica has worked with pvi collective consistently over the past seven years. it’s been the best kind of relationship – one based on friendship, mutual respect, and exchange. consequently, it’s a pleasure to be involved in the production of the tts critical reader, a publication that seeks to document the research, learning, experiences and observations that have accrued around this performance project.  we hope you enjoy the ride. 

introduction from the reader, sarah miller director, perth institute of contemporary arts (pica) december 2004

Creative Team

publication edited by: bec dean

essays by: pvi collective, cicada, bec dean, version 1.0, drive-by-shooting, khristo newall, sarah miller [director pica], marcus canning [ceo artrage]

commissioned by pica in partnership with artrage