trigger happy [perth concert hall 2001]
photo by pvi collective

triggerhappy evolved out of a period of funded r&d from the australia council’s new media arts board, which facilitated pvi training in the art of covert street surveillance in response to the ever increasing prevalence of cctv cameras located in the perth metro area. this piece was to mark the beginning of a constant inquiry by the group into the pervasiveness of surveillance technologies, exploring the increasingly blurred boundaries between public and private information.

triggerhappy is a split site piece with performers located out on the city streets, video projecting their activities back into the performance space. ‘disguised’ as three santas, performers target an individual to monitor, track and observe. network via short range cb radios, their audio conversations are aired back into the performance space simultaneously to the video.

i need you each to drop the santa sacks and stand up against the wall, what’s in the sack sir?

perth police officer upon apprehending pvi santas on st georges terrace

Creative Team

devised by: pvi collective

production manager: mike nanning

project collaborators: unsuspecting members of the public

Performance History

putting on an act festival, pica jul 2000

imagine australia youth conference, perth concert hall jul 2001


trusterbuster at the perth concert hall, 2001.