the jb hertz statue - temporarily transformed

take a walk on the wild side in the art lab and one-to-one tactical intervention board game transformer.
this provocative incubation platform invited emerging university artists to undertake some serious play and consider ways in which they can creatively transform their immediate surroundings.
with workshops with 35 students and emerging practitioners at the university of the free state for two weeks, pvi created this site-specific, one-day-only game that the students performed en masse for the public in hertzog square as part of vrystaat kunstefees in bloemfontein, south africa.

the transformer game aims to activate players to undertake creative interventions within their immediate surroundings which temporarily transform the site. upon the roll of a dice you could be invited to quickly make and sail an origami paper boat on the square’s lake or undertake some guerrilla gardening. each intervention was devised with the university students during the lab in consultation with the local community at hertzog square.

transformer aims to activate public space through participation and serious play, to question our capacity as citizens to enact positive change.

the transformer board was adapted from some of the earliest pre historic board games that existed before written language and have since evolved into classic games that we know today. the board was populated with new content, and so, for example instead of the ‘properties’ found in monopoly there was local sites and historical events and in place of ’chance’ cards we have ‘transform’ cards which contain task based provocations for immediate undertaking.

the actions were devised in consultation with the students, incorporating on-the-ground research with members of the public in the city.

Creative Team

devised by: pvi collective in collaboration with theatre students from the university of the free state [ufs]

performed by:

researcher: pvi collective

Performance History

performance history
hertz square, bloemfontein, south africa – vrystaat kunstfees, 11 july 2016

this project is possible thanks to programme for innovation in artform development (piad) an initiative by the vrystaat art festival and the ufs, supported by the andrew w. mellon foundation and presented as part of public art project (pap).