project b l u e

project blue [perth 2000]
photo by pvi collective

project b l u e is a live art residency that invites members of the public to call pvi’s telephone hotline and talk to us about ‘what makes them blue’. pvi set up a listening service behind the closed blue doors of their studio and mount speakers outside enabling all calls to be aired live throughout the venue. each call is recorded and later edited into twelve bar blues songs which are made available to purchase during the residency. the collective also set up a messagebank service enabling late nite calls to be recorded after gallery hours.

this project is an experiment into how much personal information an individual will divulge under the pre-text of anonymity, but with the promise of a degree of celebrity through the creation of a unique blues track containing their vocals. the response to the project has been overwhelming with more tracks than the artists could edit during the time frame of the residency.

basically, oh man how do you say it, how do you tell your mate that his hyperactive girlfriend is saying things to you behind his back, do you know what i mean

anonymous caller to project b l u e 16.03.00






Performance History

perth institute of contemporary art [pica], perth, wa, mar – apr 2000

commissioned by perth institute of contemporary arts: