panopticon online

panopticon online - ambers mission [perth 2001]
photo by pvi collective

an interactive web event that enlists members of the public as elite surveillance operatives to undertake the function of 3rd generation surveillance cameras alongside pvi on the local streets of perth, logging and tagging ‘anti-social behaviour’.

interested parties are encouraged to log on to the pvi website and pass an online test to ascertain their suitability for [c]overt surveillance. once enlisted, operatives are attributed codenames and assigned a surveillance mission with 24 hrs notice.

each mission is carried out alongside pvi in public spaces around the city of perth, western australia. the live art experiment is intended as a critical investigation into the advancements of surveillance capabilities and its consequent infringements of civil liberties.

Creative Team

devised by: pvi collective

performed by: pvi members kate neylon, chris williams and james mccluskey

panopticon operatives: karen de san miguel [codename: silver], edwin dwyer [codename: purple], robert townsend [codename: gold], graciela acosta [codename: fuchsia], shinmara [codename: orange], paul gregory [codename: amber], kat healey [codename: brown], kerry newall [codename: bronze], suzanne hilton [codename: clay], bec dean [codename: ivory], nikki sinclair [codename: aqua] and chris floyd [codename: scarlet]

Performance History

perth city streets, 2001