lcu on patrol

video still. pvi collective

recorded via hidden cameras, lcu on patrol is a short film for video which sees their elite taskforce, ‘the loyal citizens underground‘ patrol the city streets attempting to become model citizens. a radical vision of community watch gone awry, the l.c.u take the moral high ground to see who else is willing and able to reform.

armed with code of conduct cards and an overzealous enthusiasm for current legislation, laws & social standards, the l.c.u discover a ripe underbelly of civil disobedience amongst unwitting shoppers, tourists and restaurant goers. as unflinching moral crusaders they attempt to implement their own brand of patriotic conformity – applauding good behaviour and offering neighborly advice to any wayward citizens.  vigilantism has never been so polite…

for the video, each performer was wired up for sound via hidden mics enabling audio conversations to be heard on-screen.  lcu on patrol was developed from a live performance reform and casts a cynical eye over the politics of public safety and the rules we live by. presenting a not-too-fictional orwellian vision of the future where our every move is monitored for political correctness.

Creative Team

devised by pvi collective

performed by pvi artists james mccluskey, jackson juliani, ofa fotu and chris williams with guest artist, eleanor hopkins.

Performance History

mori gallery, darling harbour, sydney, nsw , 4 feb – 30 mar 2007

the yellow vest syndrome, group exhibition, fremantle arts centre, 31 jan – 29 mar 2009