deviator – play safe

deviator is an action-packed, immersive experience, but it is important to remember at all times that it is a game and that staying safe is your most important mission.

on your missions

  1. stay out of danger. all deviator destinations are site-specific. they have been designed to allow you to take creative and physical risks and not endanger yourself or others.
  2. stay safe. even though the countdown clock is ticking, if you need to wait for a traffic signal, wait! don’t try to rush through traffic!
  3. don’t panic. playing deviator should be safe and enjoyable. if you come across a a situation that you think is inappropriate or unsafe, use the panic button to dial a member of pvi to come and assist you.

playing deviator games

keep in mind some basic guidelines for deviating from the norm:

  1. local laws always apply. be mindful of local laws and common courtesy.
  2. do not deface property unless requested in the game.
  3. permission. pvi collective have sought council approval for each of the games that are played on the streets. if approached by a council or police official inform them that permits are available for them to view from conflux offices located at the briggait.
  4. members of the public. members of the public may be curious about your playful activities. if approached let them know you are part of conflux festival 2012.
  5. be smart. be respectful. play safe!


a number of deviator games are wheelchair accessible, a wheelchair accessible games list can be given to players in advance.

age restriction

deviator has been rated 12 for the following:

  1. infrequent / mild sexual content
  2. mature / suggestive themes
  3. infrequent / mild profanity or crude humour
  4. infrequent / mild alcohol, tobacco, drug use or references to these

deviator was originally commissioned by conflux for their surge street art festival. this project is assisted by the commonwealth government thru the australia council, its arts funding & advisory board. the state of western australia has made an investment in this project through arts wa in association with the lotteries commission. this work was developed with this assistance of a pica r&d funding grant.