deviator – how to play

what is deviator?

deviator is a an immersive, real-world, outdoor game which invites players to temporarily transform their city into a playground. your mission is to seek out 15 audio instructions hidden in public spaces and play as many of the games as possible. as a deviator you can explore the local area, play a series of on-site games, interact with on-site performers, receive points and send text messages within this application.

using gps and the camera on your phone, deviator allows you to select a game from an on-screen map, locate it and scan a strategically placed qr code to activate the game instructions. games are scored in terms of difficulty and range from activities such as ‘guerrilla pole dancing’ and ‘ring-a-ring-a-roses, to ‘spin the bottle’ and ‘twister’. each game encourages the player to explore their public space in a new way.

why use my gps co-ordinates?

deviator uses your current gps location to track your movement in your city and finally generates a line drawing [derive] of your route. the game locations you visit and play are logged for diagnostic purposes and the current device coordinates are retained as part of this data. these logs are stored securely and are only visible to pvi collective administrators.

we do need to collect and monitor certain personally-identifiable data from time to time and share such data with other players. this data is only shared to other players for the duration of the game. this information will never be shared in any way with external sources for any reason.

the only data that other players will see are your player code name, points scored and deducted, what you are playing and text messages you send while playing the game.

how does deviator find locations?

deviator uses a combination of google searches and our own on-site research to find locations that are used for your deviator missions.

where does deviator work?

the deviator app only works as part of the deviator live performance artwork by pvi collective. it is a companion tool to assist you playing in a city wide game occupation and is locked until a valid ticket code is entered during each show time. check out to see which city it is next playing in.

do other players need to be in my area?

deviator seasons are commissioned by festivals and arts centres around the world. groups of up to 40 players can play deviator at any one time. you can be the very first player in your area and still get the full excitement and complete adventure. you can choose to fly solo or travel with a friend. bear in mind you will be wearing headphones so will be immersed in your own adventure.

do i need to deviate with other people?

during each live performance, pvi collective place a number of on-site performers out on the streets with you, to enhance your safety and increase the thrill of the game. these performers are called the motherfcukers. their task is to facilitate your journey and help you to re-discover the charm of disobedience.

what about android?

we love android and have developed deviator to play on both i-phone and android smart phones. deviator is compatible with android 2.1 and higher.