deviate from the norm

a motherfcuker
photo by heath britton
deviate from the norm
photo by heath britton
issuing of phones
photo by heath britton
a motherfcuker gardening
photo by heath britton
park life intervention
photo by heath britton

get ready to fcuk things up and reimagine port adelaide, as you take to the streets clutching self assembled deviation kits, absurd weaponry, a slippery identity and armed with a customised i-torch.

deviate from the norm is a darkly playful site-based intervention, inviting audiences to undertake tiny acts of resistance against their built environment. A joyful, deviant, profound experience, intent on unhinging our beliefs about what cities bring to our daily lives and how we can subvert the official narratives of place.

we spent an hour being outrageously eccentric, enjoying ourselves, enjoying each other, and enjoying Port Adelaide.  A private experience encompassed in the dense soundscape coming through your headphones, it is also a collaboration and an adventure into the unknown with your camaraderie, just as clueless as you, and your helpful, or not, motherfcuckers.

review of deviate from the norm. jane howard

Creative Team

devised by pvi collective with associate artists jason sweeney & sohan ariel hayes.
‘little friends’ figures for the ‘leave him here’ intervention by pierce davision.

production manager: justin pennington & emma webb

project collaborators: steve berrick [ololo] anna mclean, kyra kimpton, michele fairbairn, steven glass, elizabeth hay, indigo eli, lachlan tetlow-stuart, steve noonan and tamara lee.

Performance History

adhocracy festival, vitalstatistix, jun 2011





deviate from the norm, 5 minute extract

research and development experiment, 5 minute extract

commissioned by vitalstatistix. this is a new manifestation of a body of work by pvi collective, first commissioned for the 17th biennale of sydney in 2010.