burma shave wisdom on the highways

burma shave wisdom on the highways is pvi collective’s first ever performance work and investigates 50’s lounge culture, the difficulty in hearing and reading at the same time and the ultimate in safe sex – cyber sex.

with no performers yet to play with, pvi introduce b.u.d.d.i., a computer generated voice with a passion for politically incorrect jokes, swearing and crooning. for the work, pvi construct a 10 metre squared aluminium framed cube, decorated in fairy lights, alongside a large video screen projecting internet devised chat room text and emoticons.

played out to a 2nd rate soundtrack of mambo beats, honey logs on and shakes herself a virtual cocktail and introduces herself to b.u.d.d.i. who is crooning wildly and cracking lame ass jokes. have you ever seen text make love to sound?

programme notes, pvi collective






Creative Team

devised by pvi collective

Performance History

burma shave wisdom on the highways featured as at perth institute of contemporary arts short performance festival,  putting on an act festival, july 1998.